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We caught up with Nike Basketball Footwear Design Director Leo Chang cheap nike air jordans while he was in Berlin to find out what he's been up to, his most challenging sneaker designs and much more cheap nike air jordan shoes.

This time last year we caught up Nike footwear designer Leo Chang to learn nike air jordan cheap about the Hyperdunk 2014. Almost a year to the day, we sat down with Chang to learn more about his latest work on Kevin Durant's signature line, cheap nike air jordans free shipping as well as his beginnings as a footwear designer, his time at the Rhode Island School of Design and much more. So without further ado, see what he had to say below.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Leo Chang. I oversee all the footwear that comes out at Nike Basketball and I've also been working on KD's stuff since the beginning. It's been really fun. It's been a dream come true for me.

How did you get into footwear design initially?

I got into footwear design because I always had an obsession nike air jordans cheap with shoes since seventh or eighth grade. I loved Nikes; it wasn't just shoes, it was Nikes because of the innovation and the crazy designs. It was unobtainable for me because Nikes were so premium and I didn't have that much money growing up, and so I've always wanted that and it's something I desired.

I saw that all my friends had it and I was also into drawing so I put the two together – design, art and shoes. It wasn't until I went to college (Rhode Island School of Design) that I kind of forgot about it because I didn't think it would ever happen cheap nike air jordan. There they were presenting all the different majors you can study and industrial design came up and on one of the presentation slides they actually had a shoe on there. I was like, "Ok, I'm going back."