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Long before Mark Cuban flushed a air jordan shoes for sale maximum NBA contract into him, Chandler Parsons stood inside a locker room, terrified of the words Kevin McHale had written on a dry-erase board. Eight games into his Rockets rookie season in 2012, air jordan on sale Parsons stared toward the starting lineup matchups on the whiteboard: "Parsons/Durant."

Kevin Durant was on an arc to league MVP, testing the resolve of Parsons air jordan sale, a second-round draft pick who lacked clearance from a French team in the week after the 2011 lockout and had one training-camp day as regular-season prep air jordan shoes for sale online. Durant gave Parsons a clinic in the NBA's forward position, and Parsons could only read his footwork, react to his movement and find a return on perhaps his only rookie start.

"I remember walking into the locker room, saying, 'Oh, [expletive],' " Parsons says, air jordan for sale biting into his salmon and salad inside an uptown Dallas restaurant. "This was maybe my only chance to show something. I actually played Durant really good. He shot [10 of 25]. I didn't score much but I affected the game. And then Durant ends up hitting the game-winning shot on me that night. So that was a short-term hit, but the next night we went to Charlotte and I went for 20.

"It all started to click for me ever since."

Parsons emerged as one of the league's most versatile players, a 6-foot-10 playmaker air jordan shoes sale and capable shooter. He became a closer training partner of Rockets assistant J.B. Bickerstaff, a nurturing project for an organized young coach.

"When Chandler showed up, we didn't have air jordans for sale that type of energy and versatility on the wing," Bickerstaff says. "He was always chomping at the bit. Going against KD in his first start, of course he was unsure. But once the game started, any fear went out of the window and he worked KD. Chandler made him work for his numbers.

"Chandler sat back in practice when we couldn't sign him as a rookie and saw what we needed – and filled it. It was never the scoring that set his career off. Scoring, for him, is a byproduct of functioning the proper way air jordans for sale cheap."